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ALL Knitwear

We love ALL Knitwear and Annie Lee Larson's maximum impact knitwear


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We think most people will agree with us when we say Annie Lee Larson (and her label ALL Knitwear) is pretty much queen of the knit. Up until a few years ago, that phrase would have been more likely to conjure images of big ol’ knitting needles, pastel baby booties and faint, ever-present whiffs of moth balls (no disrespect, nanna!).

Since 2010, ALL Knitwear has single-handedly brought the cool factor back to knits. Using the Brother KH-965i, an electronic knitting machine which had its hey-day back in the 80’s, Annie designs, knits and assembles each piece by hand in her Brooklyn studio. With retailers from London and Shanghai, to Macau and Melbourne, ALL Knitwear has reached international acclaim and taken the reputation of the knit from super dag to ultra cool.

The small label has a reputation for grids, stripes, checkers, yin yang, dashes, dots and explosions of confetti in vibrant, happy palettes. Happiness and optimism in the form of a knit. Smiling is inevitable when one sees the incredible colour and pattern combinations which make up the sweaters, leggings, bike shorts, beanies, mini skirts, scarves and dresses in the collection. Annie has said that ALL Knitwear is an ongoing study of pattern and colour, aiming for maximum impact via a mixing of patterns and colours, or using a pattern in the best way possible. She’s also interested in the exploration of changing a single variable in a design, to make something that is entirely new.

Building on this exploration of visual components and aesthetic has resulted in a slow growing, impressive collection which challenges traditional knitting etiquette.

Nab yourself some beautiful made-to-order knits from the ALL Knitwear online shop, and follow Annie Lee Larson on Instagram. Trust us, you’ll want to - Annie’s social media presence and witnessing her dedication to her impeccable aesthetic is addictive. Also worth having a peep at the ALL Knitwear archive. Just watch where you drool.

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