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We stole this from Ryan, 24. 43  miles away. Active 15 minutes ago.

Our perfect date night: we pick you up in our Kia Sorrento. You get in. There's candles in the car. You go, "...Is that dangerous?" and I go "Yes-but I like danger." We go to your favourite restaurant, and we have a fantastic meal. We come outside and we see my car on fire. You go "Ryan, your cars on fire! Aren't you upset?!" We pull out a bag of marshmallows and go "No, I knew this was gonna happen." And then we kiss you, in front of our burning car.

Ryan, if you ever fill out this contact form there's some Pears waiting for you. 

You can also write to us at: Odd Pears, PO Box 5143, Maroochydore BC, QLD, 4564, Australia.

For everyone else if you have questions, need help, or the above sounds like something you might be interested in please contact us below.