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One Pear One Dollar

odd pearsdd Pears has operated a ethical consumerism program called One Pear, One Dollar, or OPOD, since our inception. OPOD came about from a desire to be a company of substance and character, a global citizen if you will. We may be ‘just another sock company’ (highly debatable because we’re too awesome) but we’re passionate about making a difference in the global community and helping the planet in general.


It’s not only about making great socks for us, it’s about making great socks with a full heart and a network of supporters who understand what we’re trying to achieve. We live in an amazing time of global interconnectedness and we believe in supporting and caring for our global family equally.


So, with each Pear purchased we’ll donate $1 to charity. For those still scratching their heads: if you buy 3 Pears of socks, we'll donate $3 to charity. Simple, right? Through the wonderful work of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, we can proudly say your contribution is making a difference.


It is Starlight’s mission to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Every day, thousands of kids face hospitalisation, therapy and life changing diagnosis. However, there’s more to treatment than medicine. Starlight helps sick kids re-discover the joy of childhood by giving them the opportunity to laugh and play, build resilience and improve their wellbeing.


Enlightening the everyday is basically our mantra, so Starlight’s work is something we can totally stand behind!


If you want to know more about OPOD, please message us! We aim to be completely transparent so if you have any questions we would love for you to get in touch. For more information on their amazing work with Aussie kids and families, please visit the Starlight Website


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