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Our Story

odd pearsdd Pears started when Brock Sykes, our CEO and spiritual guide, spent one vision filled night, involving himself, odd socks, a donkey and a jar of peyote in the Mexican wilderness… Not really but hey, we’re dreamers with lofty goals, an eye for design, art and obviously storytelling, so what more can you expect.


Odd Pears really is the brainchild of our most beloved CEO Brock Sykes. After working for ‘the man’ and attempting to climb his way up the corporate ladder, he became increasingly disillusioned with the world of the 9 to 5 white collar worker. During these dark times, one thing brought him light; his secret penchant for brightly coloured, odd socks. After quitting his job, travelling some and returning home with no direction, he realised that he needed to be his own boss, do his own thing and live his own dreams.

Much deliberation ensued. Every great idea begins with a problem that needs a solution. In his case that problem was how to create a socially conscious sock company which celebrated individuality and creative thinking. The solution; we created the Pear™. What is it? We’re glad you asked.




1. a delicious, bottom-heavy fruit. ((not our Pear)nothing to do with odd socks)

2. a grouping of three socks; two that match and one that is slightly (inversely) odd™. (our Pear)

Odd Pears isn’t just any old sock company. We spend our days figuring out new ways to stick it to the man and celebrate odd socks, life, colour, creativity and design, all through the invention of our Pear™. You see, it’s not just that we shun social norms and encourage self-expression, we also care about making the world a better place. We decided pretty early on that we wanted Odd Pears to be a brand of substance and character, not just another pretty face on the fashion scene. As a result of some wonderful team mind mapping and super colourful pie graphs, we decided that for each Pear™ sold, we would donate one dollar to our non-profit partners One Dollar Day.

Basically we’re the new kids on the block with some lofty dreams, a heck load of passion and some amazing design skills. You better keep an eye out for us because, not only are we changing the fashion game, we’re do-gooders too. Wear matching socks, wear odd socks, whatever, just know that to all the oddballs, creatives and socially conscious cool kids out there, you’re in good company here. Welcome to the home of Odd Pears, we hope your stay is as wonderful and colourful as our Pears™ are.


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