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Tom Blachford

Midnight Modern by Tom Blachford


Tom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom BlachfordTom Blachford

Ever wondered what the dreamy modernist architecture of Palm Springs California looks like under the soft dappled light of the moon? Enter Tom Blachford, the super-talented, Melbourne-based photographer and the man giving us all a little peek into the night-life of the homes in question. The series which is called “Midnight Modern” was recently debuted to great acclaim. Modernist enthusiasts world-wide have taken great interest in the series for it’s wonderful capture of the architecture which Palm Springs is famous for, we just love it because it’s beautiful.

The collection of images were captured under a full moon and the lack of street lights allow for the homes to be displayed against the back drop of the night sky in all it’s glory. We personally love the eerie, other-worldly quality his images seem to poEertray so effortlessly. I mean word on the street is Tom Blachford stumbled across these homes while going on a casual drive after dinner, he took a few photos of these super-cool looking homes and realised how awesome they looked so he continued. What kind of crazy-talented human can just do that?!

The journey began in 2013 on his first trip to Palm Springs, where the first set of images were taken. Upon his return to Australia and the unprecedented reception of the first lot of images, he returned in 2014 to continue the series, with full access to the community this time around.The other thing we tend to adore about these images is how they take on that whole Wes Anderson vibe, but totally IRL. I mean, how much does this remind you of The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Either way, we are totally diggin’ this mans work at the moment and can’t wait to see more from him. It’s not just his Palm Springs images that have us enthralled either, you might want to pop over to his website and check out his other works too, we’re totally drooling over his Docklands photo series, and practically everything else. One thing is clear, this man has talent and is here to stay, which we’re pretty happy about.

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