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Malin Gabriella Nordin

Swedish artist Malin Gabriella Nordin creates colourful, sculptural works of art. Sliding effortlessly between various mediums, repeating themes and concepts that flow from one project to the next. She has been known to describe this way of working as a game of dominos, where each process influences the next. With her mediums spanning across paint, collage and sculpture, it’s this kind of creative process that is guaranteed to keep her pieces exciting and leaves us guessing where her next body of work will head next. Intuition and gut instinct rules here, and we think that makes for some pretty pure art!

Born in Stockholm, Malin Gabriella Nordin was grafted to Bergen, Norway to study at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Nordin has said that her work is informed by her own dreams and memories, reconstructed in a way that creates a sense of ambiguity from the combining of multiple feelings and stories. During study and since graduating, she’s built an impressive repertoire of solo and group shows and worked on some incredibly intriguing projects.

Our favourite has to be Private Language, a publication that documents a project where she invited a bunch of kids to interpret her sculptures, describing the work through their own eyes and creating their own drawings based on the work!

Follow Malin Gabriella Nordin on Instagram, Tumblr and feast your eyes on her website.

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