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Anna Pogossova

Russian-born photographer Anna Pogossova is a difficult lady to pigeonhole. Creating work that is a dose in equal measures of the surreal and painterly, you’ll even find her photographs crossing over to the realms of illustration.

Anna Pogossova migrated from Moscow to Australia in 1994, going on to study Fine Arts and Photomedia in Sydney. Looking to her work, we can see her fine arts background and influences woven into her photographs, creating her unique and memorable style.

Anna Pogossova pretty much knocks the challenge of straddling commercial and personal work out of the ball-court. The dreamlike elements that flow across her personal, editorial and commercial work stitch together a mini world for us to peek into. This is a universe where deluxe products live out their own lives amongst gradients, and ruffled, magma-like silk sheets frame a dark and mysterious world the viewer is on the cusp of discovering.

We’ve noticed a lot of marrying of classic still life and fashion stories lately, but Anna’s work really caught our eye. It’s dark, moody and conjures often confusing emotions with unexpected juxtapositions between product and prop.

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Anna PogossovaAnna PogossovaAnna PogossovaAnna Pogossova   Anna PogossovaAnna PogossovaAnna PogossovaAnna Pogossova

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