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Yoko Honda

Before we commence, we highly recommend you load up some Com Truise to guide you through this extremely energetic and snazzy work.

Alright, have you hit play? Let’s go -

Yoko Honda is an artist based in Japan, who creates work straight out of an 80’s hyper colour, hyper patterned dreamscape. Taking the best parts of arguably our most aesthetically controversial decade, Yoko invites us to explore motels by the sea, bedrooms laden with patterned vases, indoor plants and an array of Michael Jackson ephemera. In this geometry-driven Cali dreamworld, the sun is always hot and high, martinis and sundaes sit pool side, and tennis courts await.

A combination of traditional paint and digital media like photoshop are used by Yoko Honda to create fun and fresh work. Having grown up in the 80’s, she uses her own memories and reflections to recreate her exaggerated, pumped-up version of the era.

We all know the 80’s own a notoriously tacky and gaudy reputation, but Yoko’s work provides a tl;dr version of the era. Hyping up the hot, hot glamour and creating a Best Of image that we wish we could travel back in time for.

Follow Yoko Honda on Instagram and check out her website.

Yoko HondaYoko HondaYoko HondaYoko HondaYoko HondaYoko Honda

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