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Miju Lee

Lumpy pups, ice cream mountains, sprinkles and beautiful illustrated textiles. Artist Miju Lee creates little worlds we could only dream of existing. Originally hailing from South Korea, Miju is based in Barcelona where she draws, paints and makes ceramics.

Her practice is multifaceted, but that’s the way Miju seems to like it! Choosing materials depending on the moment and what feels comfortable. The colours and shapes, no matter what medium, transform the piece to reflect whatever mood may hit her that day. We can see this in the fast and instant results of putting pencil to paper, the more laborious and energy-driven task of painting and the child-like playfulness in clay.

We love her charming combination of flat, geometric patterns and traditional media. There’s an elating feeling of positivity and happiness in her use of colours and characters. The kind you can only get from sitting in the sunshine on a warm afternoon, eating ice cream and allowing the mind to dream leisurely.

Guess we can’t stop thinking about summer right now, and Miju’s work is certainly taking us there in spirit.

Immerse yourself in Miju Lee's world on her website and online shop. Find her on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook.

Miju LeeMiju LeeMiju LeeMiju LeeMiju LeeMiju Lee

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