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You can tell what inspired us with these ones. Don’t stare at our River Pears for too long, lest you lose yourself in the ebbs and flow of its beauty. Whether you imagine yourself cruising down the Ganges, Amazon, Nile or Zambezi, River is the ultimate guide to take you on an outdoor adventure that will stay with you forever.

- Each "Pear" comes as 3 socks: 2 matching, 1 odd;
- Unisex athletic socks for men and women;
- Premium sweat wicking material to keep feet dry;
- Extra cushion underfoot for high-impact activities;
- Increased support around the foot for secure fit;
- Enhanced durability in high-wear heel and  toe areas;
- Ribbed calf to retain form, structure and comfort.

- 2 sizes available. 36-40 and 41-46. This is equal to Womens US 5-9 and US 9.5-14 OR Mens US 4-8.5 and US 9-13. For exact conversion please see our conversion chart by clicking here.

- Free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 AUD (Australian Dollars);
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fun athletic socks