Yayoi Kusama opens the first museum dedicated entirely to her work in Tokyo

Yayoi Kusama, aka queen of polka dots, also aka one of the most inspiring artists on this planet, has just opened the first institution in the world entirely dedicated to her work. Located in Tokyo’s suburb of Shinjuku, the project started back in 2014 when Kusama commissioned the building. She has since left locals guessing as the mysterious structure slowly materialised. Finally, in August, she surprised everyone and announced it to be the Yayoi Kusama Museum, which then officially opened its doors to the public on October 1.

The museum is a large, minimalist five storey space, with white walls, curved lines and a winding staircase. It’s a beautiful, stark environment which houses over 600 pieces of work. The inaugural exhibition ‘Creation is a Solitary Pursuit, Love is What Brings You Closer to Art’ is comprised of colour and black and white paintings, including her famous trademark polka dot motif and her ‘infinity nets’. A new mirror room, ‘Pumpkins screaming about love beyond infinity’, has been unveiled as well as a new sculpture, ‘Starry pumpkin’, on the building’s rooftop.

In 2014 Yayoi Kusama was titled the worlds favourite artist. In the same year, one of her paintings sold for an enormous $7.1 million. The 88 year old artist continues to be an inspiration for people around the globe with her huge output and energy. “From age five or 10, I’ve been painting, from morning to night,” Kusama said recently. “Even now, there isn’t a single day when I’m not painting.” So we reckon it’s about time this dedicated gallery came into being! Well deserved, Yayoi. 

If you’re planning on being in Tokyo anytime soon, the exhibition is sold out until January. Check out more details on how to nab tickets on the Yayoi Kusama Museum website.

Images below via designsponge.

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