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We're digging Claudia Lau's sculptural yet functional vessels

Melbourne is where it’s at with ceramics right now, we’re sure of it. High in calibre and output, we can’t take our eyes of the good stuff generated by the young people in this city. One of these creatives we’ve been ogling with a fixed and excited gaze is Claudia Lau, a young design student and ceramicist.

In her final year studying a Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT, Claudia splits her time between university, assistant work and her own ceramics practice. Her mentors are highly praised in the Melbourne ceramic world, having honed her skills as a studio assistant for Leah Jackson and currently working for Wingnut & Co. Claudia is relatively new to her craft too, having only started pottery classes three years ago as a fun project with her dad, and clearly she hasn’t looked back since!

Claudia’s pieces are bold and sculptural, subdued by a clear Japanese influence in her natural, earthy tones and glazes. She ensures their functionality too, making vessels which can be used as well as appreciated. She uses a combination of clays, hand-blended, thrown and fired in her Melbourne home-studio. Claudia is humble, but her one-off pieces and small batches of orders have been heading out to some of Melbourne’s coolest retail stores like Monkhouse Design and Shifting Worlds. Claudia’s also been collaborating with Honey Fingers, a Melbourne bee-keeper and small batch honey purveyor, and recently featured in a Vogue mini-documentary profiling Melbourne’s must-know young creatives. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of some very good things for Claudia!

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