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We love these tight 'n' cheeky ceramics by Louise Madzia

Have you stumbled across the super playful clay work of UK ceramicist Louise Madzia yet? If the answer is ‘nah’, today is most definitely your lucky day! Working out of her garden studio in Buckinghamshire, she builds all of her hand-coiled earthenware. This is followed by a firing session, and she then glazes each piece by hand. When they emerge from the kiln the final time, they are sleek, clean pots made unique by her tight, often cheeky line work.

Louise was studying illustration at Kingston when she started taking casual weekly ceramics classes on a whim. The medium stuck, and after making bowls in the uni workshop for her final project, she hasn’t looked back (and we’re so glad!).

Louise is inspired by a combination of high and low brow culture, with her influences ranging from the classics like Barbara Hepworth and Picasso to having a laugh with her mates. Her sense of humour and playfulness rings through in her beautiful pots and planters, referencing everything from emojis to Star Wars. Louise’s perfectly painted line work drawings of bodies, hands, peace-signs, cigarettes and faces leave us slack-jawed at her talented, steady hand.

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