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Wardrobe Snacks by Kelsey McClellan & Michelle Maguire

There’s been a bit of hubbub happening on the internet recently about a series of images whose subject matter entails snacks in laps. Have you seen them? They’re an aesthetically pleasing treat for the eyes and also make us very hungry every time we see them pop up. We’ve been thinking about them so much that we had to investigate who was behind them. After a little bit of research we discovered that the images are part of a personal, on-going project and collaboration between San Francisco-based photographer Kelsey McClellan and Columbus-based photographer, art director and stylist Michelle Maguire.

The series is called Wardrobe Snacks. Featuring matcha ice creams, hamburgers, rice balls, doughnuts, coffee and pizza, the images are a super cool play on colour, with each snack matched with some seriously good 70’s inspired outfits. We love the monochromatic palettes and a-bit-too-perfect food scenes happening here.

The project was inspired by the casual and sometimes awkward act of eating without being seated at a table. As examples, Kelsey explains on her website —

“Michelle’s stepdad who rests his sandwich on his thigh (hell with a plate!) in between bites while he blasts an action movie on his TV; a commuter cramped up on a crowded bus retrieving an item from a bag or pocket; a lunch-breaker on a park bench eating from her lap.”

Oh yeah. Can relate. We’ve all relished one of these moments before.

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