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Turning the everyday upside down with Mathery Studio

Mathery Studio are a multidisciplinary Italian creative practice who have seriously turned our eyeballs in the past year. Their unorthodox approach to design flips the everyday on its head, managing to blend functionality, fun, pragmatism and humour into one big bundle of amazingness. Mathery Studio is Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli. The couple met at university and after starting a very successful blog together, created their studio practice. Multidisciplinary is a word we cannot throw around willy-nilly here; these guys can do literally everything. From art direction and craftsmanship to illustration, product, set design to styling and videography, ain’t nothing holding this power couple back.

One thing Mathery do really damn well is explore the functionality of objects and the stories and meanings behind them. Ewan McEoin, a curator at the National Gallery of Victoria, said it best when he stated, “non-tradition and the reinterpretation of the everyday underpin much of what Mathery does.”

Last year they spent some time working in Melbourne, and in that time managed to curate a ground-breaking, innovative space at the NGV as part of the Italian Masterpieces exhibition, design a completely original homewares collection consisting of fruit in the shape of utensils and create the most beautiful Memphis-esque clothes hangers we have ever seen. Amongst other things too!

Recently, Mathery have dropped an awesome collaboration with Print All Over Me. Inspired by the way our hair drapes down our bodies and shapes what we’re wearing, they decided to use wigs and gravity to incorporate the effect into the textile! The result is a super colourful, pastel, absurd dream-of-a print that we’ve never seen anything the likes of before!

See more from Mathery Studio on their website and keep in the loop with their biz on Instagram.

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