Trek Matthews X Odd Pears

Coming off the back of our Cat Rabbit collaboration, we knew we had to do something special. We decided to call in the big guns; enter stage left, Trek Matthews. Painter, designer and all around kick-ass creative, Trek has kindly blessed us all with a tiny taste of his genius, in Pear form. If you haven’t been lucky enough to know of his work in the past, brace yourselves for a very quick and whirlwind romance before you skip right on down the road to love. Seeing a Trek Matthews piece for the first time is an experience in itself. His pastel patterns intermingled with this insane knack for animating the concepts surely swirling around in his brain, is simply delightful to see. We are super excited that he elected to share a little bit of himself with us all and can’t wait to see how everyone chooses to wear them. 

Read on to hear a lil’ bit from the man himself on his work, inspiration and his two top people he would love to see in his Pears + shop the limited edition collaboration socks now!

Give us the happenings: who are you / what do you do / where are you based? 

Hi! My name is Trek, and I typically refer to myself as a painter. I make work on paper, as well as paintings on walls, and am currently exploring the possibilities of 3D illustration. Right now I am living in Chicago, Illinois. 

How do you spend your days?

I spend a lot of my free time riding my bicycle around, as well as researching and looking after my plants. I tend to have a DJ mix playing in the background at all times while working, or procrastinating. I am still learning about things to see in Chicago, so during the weekends I try to go somewhere I haven't gone before. It's quite a tall city here. 

Are there recurring themes or dominant messages within your work? 

My ongoing project is exploring and utilizing a visual language that's present in major rapid transit systems. It began after a trip in Berlin a few years ago, and expanded during a trip to Tokyo in 2014. The works feed off of the signage and language used in the transit systems, as well as the architectural context surrounding them. I use these parts as the basis for much of my personal work. I also try to create form and space using very little information and contrast, so the whole of my work is super flat and quite ambient.

This project has just recently progressed after a residency in Moscow for Artmossphere—curated through Monica Campana of Living Walls—where I made work using the Moscow Metro as reference for 2 painting compositions and a debut of 3 free-standing objects. 

Where does everyday inspiration, and almost more importantly motivation, come from?

I'm not personally a huge believer in the idea that looking at art blogs and work similar to your own helps with inspiration. I tend to think that it will only make me more jaded on a visual approach. Much of my drive comes from seeing what friends of mine are making, and I try to improve my skills with each work that I make—be it technical or visual. 

If you could send anyone in the history of the world your Pears to happily wear forever and ever, who would it be and why? 

It would be a pleasure to shake hands with my 2 heroes Sean Connery and Larry David, and have them scoff at me for suggesting such a thing. Maybe if I could slip them on their feet while they were sleeping . . . 

Check out more from Trek Matthews on his website and Instagram.

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