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Traditional meets contemporary with Marrakech-based Belgian textile label LRNCE

Terracotta vases, leather sandals, suede and ceramics. Hand-woven kimonos and rugs in earthy colour-ways, abstract line drawings embroidered on soft blankets. Ultramarine blues against powdery pinks and shades of camel, all nestled amongst the dusty dunes and never-ending blue sky. Sounds like we’re describing a holiday in Morocco, but we’re actually just talking about the beautiful goods produced by Belgian fashion label, LRNCE.

Based in Marrakech, LRNCE is a label that is inspired by the cults, rituals, symbols and colours of the desert. Laurence Leenaert founded the brand in 2013, initially focusing on bags from her studio in Belgium. An internship in Berlin granted her the realisation that she was not drawn to the cyclical, fast-paced, high volume environment of the fashion industry with its seasons and collections.

After moving to Morocco, she found that her love for hand-crafted objects and artisans over mass-produced products was met with inspiring new opportunities. The focus became staying close to the making processes and capturing the essence of the local craftsmanship, keeping production low-scale, unique and sustainable. The result is a beautiful melding of traditional and contemporary worlds, whilst respecting the makers and culture of North Africa.

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