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Through Prince Gyasi's iPhone lens, the world is a vibrant place full of hope and beauty.

Ghanian born photographer Prince Gyasi excels at creating visual harmony, shooting vibrant curated images of his hometown, the energetic West African city of Accra, Ghana. Gyasi is a self-described iPhone photographer and artistic creator. He uses his imagery as his medium to express the way he sees and feels. Wielding only a humble iPhone Gyasi portrays stories of knowledge, leadership and courage whilst shedding some light on his native country.

The photographer’s body of work conveys arresting and colorful compositions, often featuring portraits of friends, family and muses in emotive poses against colored backdrops. His subjects portray much human emotion; sometimes showing overt facial expression, other times through striking body language alone. Through these images we are shown both the power and softness of his subjects.

Along with his partner Prince Gyasi runs ‘BoxedKids’ project. It focuses on the underprivileged children who live the fishing community of Jamestown.The idea was not only to raise funds but to also inspire the children through creativity. Since then he has consistently shot with a number of kids and recently collaborated with Surf Ghana to teach them skateboarding. “We want to do this for a long time and take some kids through to college, so they can make a better future for themselves.”

Gyasi plans to keep using his iPhone over a the more traditional DSLR. “The norm is not for everyone. I’m different and I’m stubborn. I like to challenge myself to do the same thing that traditional photographers do using just my phone,”

We love how Prince Gyasi captures the essence of his subjects who’s impact is instant as they exude a sense of strength and resilience.

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