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The Smudge: a new monthly riso newspaper talking current issues and activism

We’re all for the little guys stepping up and making a difference. Calling out the crap, working towards brighter futures and bigger things all while bringing people together. US-based illustrators Clay Hickson an Liana Jegers are doing just that with their new monthly print newspaper, The Smudge. We’ve featured Clay before for his work on his independent publisher, Tan & Loose, so of course we jumped at the news of this newest print endeavour.

Clay and Liana were inspired to make The Smudge as a reaction to the recent political turmoil in the US, surrounding the new administration and the big ’T’ word. Its design takes inspiration from underground and alternative publications from the 1960s and 1970s, offering alternative perspectives on activism and politics.

It’s a D.I.Y, indie-pub project providing a platform for people to vent, spread word and make their opinions heard. The Smudge features interviews, comics and advice columns written by a range of talent. Rallying together their own community of pals to contribute, they’ve garnered the likes of the amazing Adi Goodrich, Sean Pecknold, Rachel Howe, Tim Lahan, Nathaniel Russel… it rolls on.

The Smudge is also exclusively a print-only project. They’ve designed it this way to encourage people to also slow down and make a deliberate action in consuming the news and information. Absorbing the content in a more mindful, appreciative way. AND! If this project didn’t already sound amazing enough, all proceeds are being donated to charities. Three issues have been released so far, with all money going to organisations like Planned Parenthood, ACLU and the National Women’s Law Center.

“We're not activists, we're not editors, but we have a printer and we know how to use it.” Respect.

Head to their online store here and grab the editions now. Spread the good word.

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