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The meditative, minimal compositions of Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark is one of those people whose online presence is a breath of fresh air. In a time of image bombardment and overload, her place in the web is a space you can retreat to for positive, calming vibes by way of her beautiful, warming photography and meditative artwork.

Bobby is a Scottish-born artist living in Melbourne. The creative path was more or less instilled in her DNA, growing up in a tiny town called Greenock, surrounded by an inspiring and creative family. After studying art and design, then fashion and textiles, Bobby moved to Australia in 2010 with her sculptor partner Steven Clark, aka Den Holm. Moving to Melbourne’s nurturing and supportive creative community catapulted Bobby into a wonderfully diverse, multi-tasking, freelancer lifestyle which she continues to juggle today with her photography and artwork.

Bobby describes her artwork as minimal studies of shape and composition, exploring symmetry and balance. Her geometric compositions in muted colour palettes floating in negative space come from a love of working methodically and her strong connection to objects and their arrangements. Bobby’s process is as humble as her paintings, working exclusively with paper and acrylic paint, in her minimalist home studio. A clear desk, clean water for her brushes and a good playlist allow her to start work — essentially by placing one shape on the page and working from there. It sounds like a beautiful, meditative and reflective way to work and her process is absolutely echoed in the finished artworks. It’s about as ‘go with the flow’ as one could get, we reckon!

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