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The highly detailed, super intriguing botanical illustrations of Katie Scott

Katie Scott is an illustrator from the UK, impressing eyeballs the world over with her highly detailed, eye catching drawings. Working from her plant-filled studio in north London, Katie’s daily life is all about plants — studying them, being surrounded by and caring for them, and drawing them in her distinctive illustrative style. When Katie went to art school at 17, she discovered the world of illustration and thought ‘yeah, that’s for me’. She became preoccupied with drawing flowers, plants and animals, referencing anatomical illustration and natural history artwork. Her big break came with creating artwork for Bombay Bicycle Club, which launched her into fast success and high demand.

Using a combination of traditional and digital mediums, Katie’s style is a meeting point between science and art. She’s endlessly inspired by old medical and natural history artworks, and draws on hundreds of thousands of years of scientific artwork with a twist of her own contemporary design style. Her curiosity in the complexity of nature, symmetry of natural forms and detail of cross-sections of plants has driven her to explore the endless beauty of the natural world through her drawings.

The versatility of her modern anatomical style places her in an interesting realm between art and science. One day she’s launching a kids collection with H&M and the next creating illustrations for a book with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Recently, she’s collaborated with world-renowned Japanese artist and florist Azuma Makoto. Animated by her boyfriend and fellow collaborator James Paulley, Story of Flowers is a short film demonstrating the endless, continuous life cycle of flowers. Watch it here!

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