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The bold, playful and ever-expanding universe of Steven Harrington

Los-Angeles based Steven Harrington is an illustration machine not to be messed with. His output is enormous and folio reads like a Best Of for cultural institutions of the last 20 years. We’re talking sneakers for Nike, cans for Coca-Cola, murals for Colette, and branding for the mother-flippin’ Olympics, man! And (we’re not finished) most recently, a homewares series with IKEA, consisting of a 5-pattern collection filled with rugs, bowls, plates, ceramics, pillows, stationary, duvets, bags and more. Name a global brand ruling it in the cultural sphere, and Steven’s probably worked for them.

Best known for his bright, iconic and super fun style, Steven has been revered as the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic. His characters are instantly recognisable and exist in their own ever-expanding universe that Steven has created over the years. This world knows know bounds, with his large-scale installations, products, hand screened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and sculptures crossing cultures and continents. His drawings are playful and accessible, and enjoyable to anyone with a pair of eyeballs, having exhibited artwork in LA, NY, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

His digital work with international brands is impressive, but we’re especially down with his traditional medium works. Using a small paintbrush and large canvasses, his monochrome paintings of mysterious, surreal worlds and their inhabitants are encompassing and inspiring. Also, what kinda freak can get a line that straight using their human hand and a simple paintbrush? Bruh, totes in awe.

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