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Sydney based artist and designer Evi O's abstract paintings are beautiful and evocative

Looking at Sydney-based artist Evi O’s work is like gazing into a time machine. It’s hard to point to a time and place, so sophisticated and timeless is her work in style and steez. We see little peeks of 60’s abstraction, pop art and head nods towards mid-century design, but mostly we see Evi’s keen eye for beautiful shapes and striking colour palettes. Her paintings explore ideas of space, location and the people in her life, filtered down to abstract, evocative forms.

Evi also happens to be a very talented graphic designer, an occupation that has been her primary focus for most of her creative career. After moving from Indonesia to Sydney at the age of 17, Evi studied graphic design and landed her dream job with Penguin books. Specialising in publication and branding, she’s also designed titles (some of them award winning!) for Lantern, Thames & Hudson and Hardy Grant. Her talented hands have also meddled in the worlds of magazines, web and homewares but in 2011, Evi needed a new creative outlet. So, she turned her well-trained design eye to the easel.

Just a few years and a couple of solo shows later, Evi has become well-known for her vibrant colour palette which changes with each body of work and simplified abstract forms. We can’t wait to see what Evi has in store for 2018. Eyes on this one!

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