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Sujin Kim - A Lesson in Colourful Simplicity

We recently had the fortune of stumbling across the art and design work of supremely talented Sujin Kim, and boy are we happy about it. Colourful and fun, Kim’s work feels like you are walking through your favourite store and want to buy just about everything. The deeper you go into the store, the less decisive you become, until you reach the point where you ultimately decide you need everything or nothing. We’re sure that’s good for Kim, but perhaps not for our sanity.

The first thing that struck us about Kim’s work was the simplicity and the expert use of colour. There is something warm and familiar about the designs, while still being incredibly well executed and not sacrificing the feeling of individuality and fun that is imbued within the illustrations. It kinda feels like a big party, with all your closest friends and favourite food, and lucky for you, you’re invited. Please don’t just take our word for it, head over to Kim’s page to peep the incredible work for yourself. One thing’s for sure, this is a designer we won’t stop watching!

More incredible work can be found on Kim's website and instagram

Sujin Kimm

Sujin Kimm Odd Pears Socks

Kimm Sujin Odd Pears Socks

Kimm Sujin Odd Pears Socks

Sujin Kimm Kimm Odd Pears Socks

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