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Stark symmetry and bold comics from Cristina Daura

Cristina Daura is a Barcelona-based illustrator who has seriously caught our eye recently. Something about her work reminds us 90’s babies of our childhood. Maybe it’s the super flat colours and bright primary colours, alongside geometric patterns and strong characters. Despite the vivid colour palette and stark outlines, Cristina’s work still manages maintain strength and avoid coming across as naive which we think is a serious benchmark for that style!

Cristina’s work is created digitally, but we can see from her Instagram work-in-progress posts of her sketchbook that it’s still rooted in traditional mediums. Her drawings begin with a sketch on paper, which is then transferred to Photoshop where she draws the final piece using a tablet and textures. Using stark symmetry and vivid primary and secondary colours, Cristina creates a world of her own within her drawings, where the characters and objects within have become instantly recognisable to her style.

Alongside commissions for editorial and commercial clients like The New York Times and Penguin Books, Cristina works on her own short comics and narratives. These are often surreal and perplexing storylines. Some of her narratives have involved taking LSD inside the Tate Modern and some pretty crazy-looking horse-back chase scenes that we mostly find more confusing because it’s all in Spanish. Regardless, it all leaves us wanting more!

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