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Soft tones, pastel hues and hard edges with US artist Jesse Moretti

Strong geometric shapes softened with air-brushed fills. Flowing wavy lines and sharp zig zags cutting across expanses of open space in soft tones and pastel hues reminiscent of Miami Beach. Flat forms floating in dimensional spaces. Elaborately framed 2D pieces turn the flat into sculpural. Yep. Jesse Moretti’s work is full of delightful visual contrasts and contradictions.

Born in Miami and based in New York, Jesse is a Cranbrook MFA graduate whose work straddles the digital and traditional worlds in her processes. There are a combination of steps involved to create her sharp, vibrant, abstract paintings which are so perfect in line and geometry.

“Usually my process begins with sketching, which leads to vector based drawings,” Jesse says. “I’ll usually print these out and manipulate them in some way, sometimes, playing with the layout, etc.” Using paint, acrylic and wood together she goes on to create the final work based from her sketches. The final works often reference architecture, landscape, design and myth in compositions which reimagine them as one.

Jesse’s work crosses the realms of paintings, prints, sculptures and even typefaces. Her multifaceted body of work and vast inspirations allow her style to skip across the art and design worlds in a way that we think seems so natural in the most fantastic way!

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