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Skip Hursh is a NY-based designer and mind-boggling gif master

If you have a thing for mind-boggling, kaleidoscopic gifs, bright colours and oh-so-satisfying geometry, you’re going to love the work of Skip Hursh. Skip is a Brooklyn-based designer, animator, artist and basically is the go-to man in NYC for all of the aforementioned talents. He was born and raised in the Midwest, and worked as a live caricature artist while he studied his BFA at Pratt Institute, before making the pilgrimage to the big apple. Skip’s come a long way since then, with companies like Tumblr and Nickelodeon lined up along his impressive resume. Currently, Skip works as a designer for Google while taking on select freelance projects for companies like Nike. So yeah, you could say he’s blowing up. 

Occasionally dipping into collage, paint, ink, even dipping his brush into a pot of coffee from time to time, Skip mostly works digitally, and has become well-known for his eye-popping, looping, jumping gifs. Inspired by the likes of Wassily Kandinsky and Sol Lewitt, his work is a reflection of both his own visual influences and playful approach to mediums. We see reflections of Kandinsky’s powerful use of colour and form, and Lewitt’s minimal concept and line bouncing around in Skip’s dynamic and exciting work.

Process-wise, he likes to work quickly. First by creating a collection of shape and line and uses them like items in an inventory, and revisiting to edit and rearrange as the image takes its form. The result is a combination of super chunky forms and bright colour palettes, that fuse to create a super exciting, euphoric mood.

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