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Refreshing, imaginative collages and jewellery by Holly Leonardson

There is a special place in our hearts for the kind of work that takes us back to being a kid. Getting out the boxes of crayons, paint, plastic scissors and glitter and running them over sheets and sheets of paper with reckless abandon. Or doodling all over your mum’s lists with felt tip markers and making collages out of the junk mail catalogues. Ah wow. We can almost smell the Clag Glue!

Holly Leonardson is a visual artist whose work transports us with these special feelings. After stints in Brisbane, Tasmania and Melbourne over the past few years, Holly now works out of her studio on the dreamy Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The focus of her practice is jewellery, but she also skips across the realms of collage and drawing and uses a mix of found objects, craft and precious materials to create her experimental work.

In her collage work, Holly allows her materials and a sense of play to lead her process. She sources found objects like old photographs, lists, books and beads from garage sales and op shops. These finds are cut up, recycled and reclaimed alongside new materials like stickers, crayons, gel pens and glitter glue.

In her jewellery practice, she works with silver, plastics, ceramics, paint and craft materials. Holly recently completed a project called ’30 Earrings’, in which her goal was to make 30 earrings every day for a month. It was an exercise in experimentation and discipline, to finish half-completed pieces and use up older materials. She’s posted the results over her on website, and even has some for sale on her online store.

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