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Playful, Bold Imagery and 90's Vibes from Alexander Medel Calderón

Alexander Medel Calderón is a Santiago based illustrator and designer who seems to have sprung out of nowhere! It feels like we’ve seen his work before, but can’t put our finger on when or where exactly. This might have something to do with the inherent familiarity that his work possesses in its style and subject matter. Reminiscent of bubble writing, primary school and everyone’s old favourite, Microsoft Word Art, we’ve been getting stuck in scroll holes that throw us back to a simpler time.

Don’t be fooled though. Alexander’s work may appear naive at a first glance, but his playful, bold imagery has been profiled by some design blog heavy-weights of late. He even has a collaboration with UK apparel greats Lazy Oaf tucked neatly under his belt. Paraded at their stand at Pick Me Up earlier this year, he created graphics with 90’s-esque imagery and a combination of pastel and primaries for the small collection. We were eyeing off a jumper for a little while that was particularly reminiscent of Bubble-O-Bill ice creams. Oh yes.

Alexander’s use of simple, geometric shapes and solid clean lines have granted him a style that is instantly recognisable. Fun, abstract, playful and occasionally a bit cheeky in its subject matter, he’s also no stranger to experimental type. Championing a primaries heavy colour palette and applied in a super flat, clean style his folio is reminiscent of posters we had up on our walls as wee lil 90’s kids, reminding us to practice our alphabets and multiplications.

We’ll be keeping a sure eye on this exciting Chilean artist. Is it design? Is it illustration? Who cares, it’s bloody beautiful!

See more Alexander Medel Calderón work on his website, Instagram and Tumbl

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