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Oslo-based sculptor Camilla Løw combines the geometric with organic

We’ve got a list titled ‘Things We’ve Got A Thing For’, and geometry and colour are pretty high up there. It may come as no surprise that Camilla Løw’s work is no exception to this list. This Oslo-based artist makes work that we wish we could surround ourselves with. Combining geometric shapes with organic forms and materials, her sculptures are like a magic meeting of art and design. They’ve been shown around the globe in both institutions and public arenas, and she’s also skipped around the world a bit with them, living in Glasgow and San Francisco before settling back in her home-city of Oslo. 

Much of Camilla’s work is about the context that the piece is placed in; how it is placed, and how it is perceived. As a result, she often places her sculptures in interesting and different environments. She’ll often explore the outdoors, installing in and around nature. She’ll also completely transform interiors to create an entirely new environment for her sculptures. Within these spaces, Camilla hangs works, the pieces suspended or held only by string and gravity or objects which are stacked and balanced on top of each other. Some works play with two dimensionality and flatness in three dimensional spaces, or she creates sculptures that also function as objects like vases or stools. She explores abstraction, surface, line and colour in a a way that is beautiful, simple and modernist.

Camilla uses industrial materials to create her sculptures. From wood to stone, metal and concrete to plexiglass, she uses these hardy, raw materials in tandem with traditional, hand-rendered finishes. For example, metal pieces will be machine-cut but painted by hand. When making editions, no piece is the same. We love the way that Camilla combines the geometric with the organic, perfect with imperfect, and the genius way she can make sculptures appear graphic.

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