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Oscar Grønner makes delight of the monotony of everyday life

Oscar Grønner is an Oslo-based, internationally adored illustrator and artist. He’s been working up an interesting and versatile portfolio of drawings in the last couple of years, and been commissioned by the likes of The New York Times and Apartamento for his approachable and instantly recognisable style. This Norwegian creative holds a somewhat secretive presence online, and seems to like to let his drawings do the talking for him.

Oscar’s repertoire spans both digital and traditional mediums, and he swings between both seamlessly. His world consists of an odd bunch of characters, going about their daily business and engaging in everyday-life situations that we can all recognise and sympathise with. Using his muted, subtle colour palettes, gloriously tactile pencil-like textures and satisfyingly smooth shapes, Oscar transforms the monotony of the everyday into scenes that are at once witty, smart, often funny and always simple.

From minimalist line drawings of chunky little guys looking disgruntled  and upset, to the calming, soft, almost painterly drawings of relaxed scenes, each work guarantee triggers a little endorphin release that keeps us returning to his folio time and time again.

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