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Obsessing over David Brandon Geeting's use of hard light and bright colour

David Brandon Geeting is an Odd Pears favourite from way, way back. His style is exciting, unexpected and memorable, and with each new project of his that we stumble across, the love for his work only grows. Based in New York, David works in the realms of fashion and advertising, producing award winning imagery for big name clients. Widely sought after for his clever, almost-hyper-real still life images, his combination of juxtaposing clashing imagery and compelling details makes his work a joy to re-discover time and time again. 

David’s beginnings in photography are humble. Having always been a creatively-inclined kinda guy, it wasn’t until a photo class in high school that everything clicked. Playing to his impulsive and impatient tendencies, the convenience and immediacy of photography sucked David in, and he hasn’t looked back.

Since his time studying at New York’s School of Visual Arts, David has honed his glossy yet edgy images style, using bold, hard light and bright colours. His subject matter is inspired by the everyday, from his daily walks or even just taking a shower. After the wave of inspiration, David lets his instincts lead his process of image-making, preferring stream-of-consciousness storytelling and intuitive editing instead of over-thinking it. This confident sense of trust in oneself has led to a shiny, incredibly slick style that is incredibly original and still retains a sense of haphazardness and tactility.

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