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Not your average candles by Tokyo makers OLGA-goosecandle-

We’re all for odd, we’re all for weird. So when it comes to off-kilter homewares, we’re first in line to suss it out. Enter OLGA-goosecandle-, the candle brand from Japan making some of the most wack-a-doo objects out of wax we’ve ever seen. At a first glance, these guys kind of look like something your grandmother might have at her house tucked away in her China cabinet, melting and disintegrating slowly since the 70’s. Described as ‘conceptual ceremonial utensil made by goose women’, the family of wacky characters look like they’re either going to come alive in the night or put a friendly curse on you. 

All original and handmade by their director Risa Hiratsuka in Tokyo, each candle is truly unique and one of a kind in wild shapes and colours. Standard designs include a peanut family reclined in different poses, inquisitive cats with wonky eyes and unexpected colours, a cub cheekily poking their tongue out, and all kinds of animals with different slightly-disturbing-but-cute faces. What if Disney ran into Ren and Stimpy, and jumped into a parallel universe where everything is slightly tweaked? We’d say the resulting aesthetic would be getting somewhat close to the world of OLGA-goosecandle-.

Their most recent collaboration project has our eyes poppin’ with its high level of incred and street cred. Under The Palm Trees is a collaboration with with German artist, illustrator and Odd Pears favourite Stefan Marx. Launched in conjunction with an exhibition of the same title at super cool book shop and gallery Utrecht/NOW IDeA in Tokyo, juicy wax interpretations of Stefan’s characters sit amongst OLGA’s original and exciting forms. Born out of sketches brought to the table by Stefan, each candle has its own name and oddness to it, and the result is an equally weird, cute and cool collection that we’re dying to acquire.

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