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Next level nail stickers from alfa.K

Ok, here’s the sitch - we’ve got our favourite Odd Pears on, looking real fly all colour co-ordinated with our outfit, but there’s something missing. We require the cherry on top. We need this look to be taken to the next level. We’re delighted to report that the fateful cherry comes in the form of these amazing nail polish patches from French company alfa.K.

alfa.K was founded by Paris-based illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist Anne-Claire Gambette a couple of years ago after realising that manicures were a way of artistically expressing herself freely on a really small area of the body. Applying her lively and colourful patterns and palettes to nail stickers means you get the finish of a fancy DIY manicure without all the skills, time and nail polish fumes usually involved! alfa.K also provide the solution to getting around that tricky situation where we all wish we were ambidextrous to paint the opposite hand. Va-va-voom, you’ve got an arty nail manicure in minutes - what a dream.

Gambette creates all of the designs herself with the exception of special collaborations whereby she reaches out to her favourite artists and asks them to unleash their creativity on this unusual, very small surface. We’re really digging her latest collab with London-based artist and pattern extraordinaire Camille Walala. Inspired by her facade for Third Drawer Down in Melbourne, Camille has gone all out with her Memphis and Op Art inspired style to create nail designs in patterns of yellow, turquoise and pink.

Stuck in the city in the stinky summer wishing you were by the pool? There’s nail art for that. Looking to creep out fellow commuters with all-seeing eyes? They’ll hook you up. Just wanna look fly as heck from your fingertips right down to your toes? alfa.K’s webshop awaits you.

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Next level nail stickers from alfa.KNext level nail stickers from alfa.KNext level nail stickers from alfa.KNext level nail stickers from alfa.KNext level nail stickers from alfa.KNext level nail stickers from alfa.K

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