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Max Lamb: unconventional, experimental design with honest materials

British designer Max Lamb is a modern day craftsman. Working out of his studio in North London, Max is highly sought after for his highly unusual approaches to design. He uses simple, honest, valuable materials with traditional (and often prehistoric!) manufacturing techniques. With his pure expression, design sensibility and drive for honouring materials and process, Max has carved himself an incredible niche in the furniture and interiors world.

Max straddles the terms designer, maker and artist. Skipping across the commercial design and art worlds, his work bounces from exhibitions throughout Europe to some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. We’re talking designed interiors for Opening Ceremony in Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel and fit-outs for Acne’s Madison Avenue store, alongside more art-based showcases in Milan.

He is a master of materials, respectful of their material and nature. Whether it’s objects all cut from a single marble quarry in Vermont or furniture made out of ash tree from his grandfather’s farm his work is subtle and thoughtful. He will swing between the extravagant and the simplistic; a deluxe toilet made from marble and resin, to chunky and almost-crude black basalt crockery.

It’s an unexpected and exciting journey, scrolling through his website. No single material or discipline will pin Max down, jumping between wood, metal, glass and ceramic works.

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