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Mark Conlan's beautiful artworks shine a light into his wonderful imagined world

Introducing Mark Conlan, a super passionate creative who finds solace in a sketchbook and being surrounded by plants in the comfort of his home/studio. Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland where he studied classical and computer animation the multi disciplined illustrator now calls Melbourne his home.

Much of Mark’s illustrative work is character-based empowered by whimsical and emotional situations. He delights in capturing idle scenes and depicting the everyday. His style incorporates rich and vibrant colour palettes, atmospheric imagery and an array of plants and foliage to tie it all up into this tasty morsel of illustrative goodness.

Mark draws inspiration from all around him, feeling inspired every day by the world around him. If it’s not a nice new colour palette he’s conjured up or discovered, it's a beautiful piece of illustration from another illustrator he admires, the weather, nature or a piece of music he has been listening to all seem to influence him.

Mark delights in the ability to communicate to people on a level that provokes a reaction whether good or bad.

“The ability to be able to dictate mood by the use of a line, shape or colour. Or even the ability to change your own mood with altering the direction of the mark you make”

A must-follow on Instagram, we're especially drawn to Marks delicious colour palettes, intriguing characters/forms and of course his love of plants.

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