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Marissa A. Ross - Our Wine Spirit Guide

When we first discovered the humorous, sassy, and relatable wine columnist for Bon Appetit Magazine, Marissa A. Ross, we couldn’t believe our luck. Drinking copious amounts of delicious wine is a favourite past time of ours here at Odd Pears, however, we aren’t exactly sommeliers. Bless’ed be our luck, in late 2017 Ross bestowed upon the world a gift, she published her first book, Wine. All the time. A practical, unpretentious guide to buying, drinking and enjoying wine of all kinds, Wine. All the time is an essential handbook for anyone looking to invest in the wellbeing of their tastebuds and learn how to choose a great bottle of wine dammit!

Whilst we totally adore the book (it’s a re-reader for sure) Ross wins us over on the daily through her ridiculously funny Instagram (@marissaaross). Whether she’s attending a function with the upper echelons of “high wine society” and thoroughly enjoying the sweet libations, or entertaining us yet again with her trademark #rosstest which involves swigging directly from the bottle and giving a brief review, Ross knows how to keep us all laughing while being damn good at her job. So, if you enjoy wine, or just love a good laugh, follow Marissa A. Ross, probably buy her book and definitely appreciate the expertise in which she makes work look insanely fun.   

Purchase her book and read more about this voodoo wine queen here.

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