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Intimate and paradoxical stories at the hands of creative wizard María Medem

Maria Medem seems to be one of those magically-minded creatives who gracefully creates beautiful imagery with a tasteful array of colours, gradients and textures with envy-inducing ease. These images spill across the page, replicating the layout of a comic to create movement and portray the story being told square by square without the use of words.

Marie spends a good portion of her time creating in her studio based in Saville, Spain. When she isn’t in the studio, Marie enjoys reading, taking walks with her dog, walking the empty streets on the weekend and most recently Marie has taken up practicing Aikido

Marie Medem’s style is a beautiful mix of new wave aesthetic paired with a more traditional Ukiyo-e Japanese block print style. The use of the a sequential storyboard layout style, flat block colours, minimal shadows and no text at all creates an illusive yet authentic style in which Medem is flourishing in.

We love how her careful selection of colours, shape, form and texture tells its own narrative.



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