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Marc David Spengler's drawings give us serious sketchbook envy

Sometimes we stumble across a student’s work that makes us second guess everything we ever spent our time doing while we were at university. Marc David Spengler is one of these people. A current student at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, Marc’s giving us total design envy with his developed style, machine-like output and impressive, overflowing sketchbooks.

Spending his childhood years obsessed with drawing motorcycles and cars, Marc’s been a compulsive drawer his whole life. When he hit his teens, he picked up a spray can and spent a few years playing with that. His interest in letterforms and typography started with this time spent doing graffiti and led him to study graphic design, which he enrolled in straight after high school. Straddling both print and digital mediums, Marc has an extra soft spot for the tactility and joys which come with creating printed matter. Whilst studying he’s been taking advantage of time by pursuing his own personal projects, especially in these realms of printmaking.

All of his striking, colourful work starts in his sketchbook which, we should note, is like something from our dreams, spilling over with full bleed Posca marker drawings that are both abstract and figurative. Sharing many of these on his Insta, it’s hypnotising watching this hands move around the pages of his Moleskine, creating abstract and seemingly random compositions. Marc's dedication and output is huge, often having to buy a new sketchbook every two weeks because he’s already filled one up with floating, colourful shapes. Looking at his finished riso and screen prints, we can see the direct relation from where the idea was formed to where it ended up, working and perfecting his ideas between the pages until it reaches a point where it can become a print or finished piece.

You can bet we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this one!



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