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Maja Säfström X Odd Pears

We’re so excited to introduce our first artist collaboration sock for 2017, with Maja Säfström. Maja is a Stockholm-based illustrator, who uses fine liners on paper to create her delightfully adorable and often humorous drawings. We’ve been diggin’ her designs for way too long so we are thrilled to have her sweet Nordic artwork setting the bar high for Odd Pears collaborations this year.

Read on to find out more about Maja and her work + shop the limited edition Maja Säfström X Odd Pears collab socks here.


Hey Maja! Give us the low-down. Who are you / what do you do / where are you based?

I am a Stockholm based architect who has left the house drawing industry for a happily ever after (so far!) life as a full time illustrator/author.

I run a little studio/shop in stockholm since december 2016. Where I work, pack web shop orders, greet customers and host workshops!


Can you explain your working process? What are your essentials? (for example, tools, materials, tunes, snacks etc)

Oh! I draw ALL the time, usually with just a paper or a notebook and a fineliner.

I have a few doodles that i can make straight up with ink, like my cats. But if i am making a new motive, i usually google images of that animal, and then make an outline with pencil first before adding the ink!

I often listen to podcasts or radio when I work, and always forget to eat lunch!



You seem to be very inspired by animals and the natural world. What else inspires you in your practice?

I think inspiration is so hard to define but i am am very inspired by other artists,  but also of little moments in life that I want share in a drawing. Like one of my recent drawings "I love you" - "I love dad" - that's actually a totally authentic conversation that I have with my son everyday! 



Tell us about the designs you came up with for our collaboration!

These stacked cats are one of my favourite motifs and when we started discussing a collaboration I instinctively thought it would be so fun to try! And I really think it worked out so well!!


If you could send anyone in the history of the world your Pears to happily wear forever and ever, who would it be and why?

Oh haha. If Lena Dunham would wear my pussy socks I would be beyond honoured! Or madonna. I love them both so much.


What else is coming up for you in 2017?

I currently work on my third book in a series of animal books. The first was called The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts. The second, will be released in April 2017 is called Animals of a Bygone Era, an Illustrated Compendium.

And then lots of ideas for my shop!!! It's so fun to have my own space in the city. 




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