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Kevin Umaña's colourful, sharp-edged abstractions

Artist Kevin Umaña’s work caught our eye recently with his super strong colour palette and bold, graphic forms. Originally from San Francisco, Kevin studied for his BFA there before hopping over to New York where he is currently based.

To create his minimal paintings and sculptures, Kevin draws inspiration from everyday life. He sees the beauty in the mundane shapes and forms we see daily, and distills them through his hard-edged, sharp aesthetic lens. He’s inspired by colour balance and organisation of forms, as well as Scandinavian architecture and design, its “mathematical approach to modernity”. We can also see hints and head nods to many of the modern artists of the last 100 years in his collections of work. 

Kevin’s work spans a range of mediums, flipping effortlessly between gouache and acrylic paint, repurposed wood and linen. He’s even collaborated on blankets and self publishes his own print projects. A recent book titled ‘Pocket Symphony’, which contained 40 abstract gouache paintings and followed the structure of a classical symphony. The result was a book that followed a linear narrative and conveyed the spirit and energy of a symphony! So cool!

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