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Jonathan Zawada just dropped a new collection of furniture

Jonathan Zawada, Australian artist and designer based in Los Angeles, has just dropped a new collection of objects and furniture that has us drooling. Presented at the preeminent LA concept store, Just One Eye, the collection is called ‘Affordances’ and are all fully functional artworks. So, artwork that doubles as furniture that we can adopt into our own home, use everyday and make our own? Hell freaking yes!

Jonathan has not skimped on the materials. Variants of stones and marble, Kvadrat wool, American suedes and New Zealand wool hand tufted using ancient techniques are just some of the deluxe textures which make up the collection. These materials are humbled by the complementary use of recycled rubbers, oak and classic plumbing pipe. The results of these clever combinations is playful, exciting and so aesthetically pleasing.

There’s a coffee table (Piece o’ the Pi) created with a selection of stones cut to form a pie-graph like form, a series of vessels inspired by the Snake game on 2000’s Nokia phones (Both Ends Burning), two interlocking deliciously soft looking donut shapes to form a chair (A Union of 2 Sets) and perhaps the most reductively designed lamp we’ve ever seen which consists of a tube which rests in a cubic marble base at whichever angle you please (Ω.M.G. Lean Into the Wind).

Take a look at the collection on Jonathan’s website here. Careful, you’re gonna want everything.

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