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It's always an LA summer in Jimmy Marble's photographs

Jimmy Marble is a Los Angeles-based photographer making some wonderfully pop work. Multidisciplinary in his skill set, Jimmy’s roles include director, photographer, designer and muralist. His work has been featured by Vice, AdWeek, Vogue, Pitchfork, It’s Nice That… The names roll on. His client list is just as star-studded, having worked with the likes of Nike, Apple, The Standard Hotel, SXSW, Native Shoes and Orea to list a few.

Although he is well-known for his photographs now, Jimmy Marble hasn’t always juggled light and lenses. He started out as a commercial film director and filmmaker, and only started dabbling in photographs when Instagram started floating around. DIY seems to come naturally to Jimmy. Growing up in conservative Washington State, he studied creative writing and art history at university, learning how to write narratives and understand imagery so that outside of school he could make informed films. A sure-fire way to learn to be hard-working, ambitious, driven and original.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrations, the taste of sun and palm trees, the pastel and vivid colours of Los Angeles for his portraits and commissioned works, Jimmy’s photos are full of joy and optimism. In their vibrance and exuberance, they inspire feelings of happiness and positivity. Blending pop surrealism and mashing in his favourite parts of visual culture, his aesthetic is fresh and instantly recognisable.

At the very heart of the work, it always seems to be a sunny LA summer.

See more from Jimmy Marble on his website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

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