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Intersecting art and fashion with Melbourne label PAI

PAI are the fresh faces in the young Melbourne fashion scene. Launching only within the last year, Angie Pai and Adrian Bressanutti have managed to kick up quite a storm with their slouchy yet chic garments. With a too-cool social media feed and having some of Melbourne’s most exciting young musicians like Banoffee and Oscar Key Sung rep the brand, PAI’s hype has skyrocketed to a critical level. How many kids now fall asleep at night and dream of slouching about in their Picasso-cubist-inspired garments?

PAI are supremely good at fusing art and fashion, like it ain’t no thang. After all, why should drawings be restricted to pencil and gallery walls? Why shouldn’t art roam the streets and make our bodies feel good. PAI is all about taking art and translating it into something that’s wearable. The duo behind PAI are well versed in the game of collaboration. For starters, Angie is an artist and Adrian a fashion designer. The collision of their skill sets results in beautiful clothing where comfort is king and androgynous shapes rule. Fused with clean, hand-embroidered imagery stemming from an affinity with geometric shapes, PAI have already created such a distinctive aesthetic for such a young brand. Less truly is more.

This month, PAI finally opened their online store and released their first garment. It’s called Nearly There, and is a beautiful soft cotton corduroy shirt, embroidered with their now iconic abstract faces. Get on it now, before they sell out. Because they surely will!

See more from PAI on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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