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Immersing ourselves in CORIN's futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired sonic worlds

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a human was imagining the kind of music a robot would make in a dystopian future and went ahead and made it? Considering the synchronicity between humans and technology and the growing interaction and dependence on it, is it a human dominates machine, or machine dominates human situation? We’ll stop the hypothesising there because Australian producer Corin Ileto (aka CORIN) is doing the synth duelling for us all. Human and machine operating in beautiful, trickling, metallic harmony? We think so.

CORIN’s background is in classical piano, a place that seems a far cry from where she stands on the music genre spectrum now. CORIN makes electronic music that has a central focus on keyboard, and a heavy emphasis on live processing. Her LP Virtuality was released through Wondercore Island last October, and we’re still listening and excited to immerse ourselves in the world she fabricates within it. 

Virtuality takes us on a journey to a 90’s CGI cyberpunk inspired space, which explores the relationships between humankind and technology, where it will take us, and our fascination with creating dystopian futures in fiction. She reaches back to sci-fi films like Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix and Blade Runner for inspiration, imagining a high-tech, futuristic world where cybernetics and superhuman abilities define our existence. The result is a sterile, chiming, cold sound that combines trickling synths and jarring melodies with what could be swiping, jabbing battle sound effects. Melbourne-based video artist and producer Tristan Jalleh adds the kicker with his accompanying music videos, creating a totally original, futuristic, world as visual touchstone to her release.

We’d argue that CORIN’s mixes are equally masterful, weaving the same influences that inform the music from Virtuality. We see them rest hand in hand, offering a glimpse at the broad places that have informed the themes and sounds on Virtuality. References to Mortal Combat rest alongside themes from Akira, Fatima Al Qadiri, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bjork remixes.

She's just released a new music video for Point Zero, this time collaborating with French creative duo Été Meurtrier to create a glowing, dripping, liquid world in metamorphosis. 

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