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Illustrator Amber Vittoria's vibrant pieces focus on femininity and the female form

New York-based illustrator and artist Amber Vittoria’s work is more than just simply eye catching. Beyond the vibrant colour palette, blocky shapes and distinct line work lies a message that brings to light the portrayal of the female form and themes on femininity.

Her pieces focus on femininity and the female form but in a non-traditional way with her pieces demanding your attention. Leveraging physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs and rounded features these non-idealised illustrations as exaggerated as they are help paint a more accurate portrayal of women’s bodies.

"My aim is to make work that resonates with me in hopes it will also resonate with other women". "The goal with works that contain several intertwined women is to portray the collective struggle women face in regards to the societal expectations set upon us."

Due to their charm, her drawings balance both being funny and light, with a more confronting goal to depict women’s bodies from a woman’s perspective in a way that will challenge stereotypes and shift perceptions.

Ambers process of creating her works is much the same. She starts by digitally creating big blocky shapes before printing out the forms and continues to bring her challenging subject matter to life with her signature stokes using a brush pens.

We absolutely love the way Amber is able to balance such an inviting colour palette, voluptuous forms that contort effortlessly across the page and beautiful brush strokes to help portray a confronting message.

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