Hiller Goodspeed uses everyday thoughts and daydreams to create his comical works that are both touching and sincere.

Florida born Artist Hiller Goodspeed currently resides in picturesque Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest. It is here where he creates his humorous drawings in all their weird and whimsical goodness. Hiller’s draws inspiration for his seemingly “simple” illustrations from his surroundings as he hikes through forests, cruises his neighbourhood, daydreams at work or eavesdrops whilst on the bus.

But as “simple” as these illustrations look, Hiller’s drawings often begin with a great deal of thought and refining which in turn makes the execution of his illustrations a quick process. Working almost exclusively with pencils and scrap paper Hiller’s odd characters, use of colour, shapes and just a handful of words make us chuckle and fill us with joy as we can’t help but to relate to the themes of individuality, self-care, and super-positivity.

Amongst Goodspeed’s many fans online, some of his drawings have become memes and stand-ins for emotional expression. He says, “by making art I’m able to express things that I don’t have very many other ways of expressing.”

We love Hiller’s witty illustrations and you will too!

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