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Hiller Goodspeed brings the good vibes with his profound and naive drawings

Lately we’ve found that when we’re looking for that mid-week pick-me-up or bomb of positivity, we’ve looked for Hiller Godspeed. Hiller is an illustrator and designer living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. He’s a bit of a mysterious guy. According to his very brief, very loose website bio he enjoys “riding the bus, swimming in the ocean and eating Indian food”. It seems he’s a humble guy, but with prints with Urban Outfitters, nosy questions from internet anonymous and people tattooing his work on their bodies every other week, it all leaves us wanting to know more. What is it about Hiller Goodspeed that’s got us all going bananas?

Using pencils and paper, Hiller’s drawings are simultaneously profound and naive, beautiful in their simplicity and positive nature. He toes the line between cute and weird. A bit like David Shrigley, but happier. His drawings are filled with lumpy shapes, simple little faces and characters and phrases. With uplifting, respectful prompts like, ‘always help if you can’ and ‘have a conversation with the universe’, we can’t help but feel like Hiller is trying to send us a message to help us be better human beings. He’s prodding at something bigger that pulls us all together and taps into  our insecurities and humanity.

It feels like he’s trying to bring us together, in the most gentle, respectful way possible. And, in times like this, couldn’t we all use a little bit of more that.

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