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Giuseppe Palmisano creates strange still life portraits in eerie pastel worlds

Giuseppe Palmisano is a creative from Italy who has been turning heads with his mysterious and aesthetically pleasing still lifes. Based in Bologna and with a background in acting and theatre, Giuseppe has created his own world in which women, often faceless and anonymous, live a life like mannequins. Using bodies like forms in his own vignetted scenes, he uses muted colour palettes and anonymity to convey vague and relatable human ideas and emotions.

The models are found wedged between mattresses, slumped together on couches, bent and entwined with each others bodies in bland sets. Using subtle hues and pastels and placing the ‘characters’ within 70’s interiors, Giuseppe’s world is an eerie blank canvas for emotion and thought. The images are still without being stagnant — more like a thoughtful pause. Despite the characters rarely showing their face or any identifying features and facial expressions, his images are pumped with emotiveness. Some scenes give us a sense of longing, sadness or despair, while others feel more uplifting, peaceful or restful.

His aim is to convey the idea that throughout time and space, through all of our advances in lifestyle and technology, we feel the same feelings as all the other humans who came before us. We are together in our joy and suffering, feeling the same love, the same pain; forever and eternity.

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