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Gert Geyer X Odd Pears

We’re very excited to introduce our newest addition to the Odd Pears family. Please give a warm and very cosy welcome to Gert Geyer — artist, illustrator, mural-painter, letter-writer and now sock designer. She’s a lady who likes to lurch between extremes. Words and pictures, corporeal and abstract, digital and in-real-life. Gert gets her kicks from exploring form and colour by way of fluid lines, invigorating palettes and dynamic compositions. She’s comfiest in her home studio and inspired by all of the colours, shapes and textures that surround her in her daily life, and the socks she’s designed for us are no exception to her immaculate taste and style.

Read on to learn more about Gert + shop the limited edition Gert Geyer X Odd Pears collaboration socks here.

Give us the low-down. Who are you / what do you do / where are you based?

I'm Gert Geyer, an artist and illustrator who flits between Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Can you share your working process? What are your essentials? (for example, tools, materials, tunes, snacks etc)

I'm comfiest working on the kitchen table or if inspiration strikes--on my bedroom floor. A sharp pair of scissors or a good paintbrush, plenty of podcasts and iced coffee will keep me in business.

Your work is so bold, colourful and positive. Who or what inspires you in your practice?

I collect inspiration; colours, forms, textures and translate them using paper or fabric or clay. I lean towards abstraction and simplicity and googly eyes. I like taking the complex, complicated, multifaceted world and translating that into a two-dimensional field of colour.

Tell us about the design you came up with for our collaboration! Is there any back story or influence for these super dreamy socks?

The forms were the result of a seaweed phase I was/still am going through. Kelp: it's just so pretty. The colours meanwhile were prompted by a few pink and brown connector pens that were lying around in a bunch together, courtesy of my niece's colouring-in practice.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Look at birds, flick through magazines, sniff flowers, pat dogs.

If you could send anyone in the history of the world your Pears to happily wear forever and ever, who would it be and why?

Probably Grug; he is always barefoot and those large, expressive toes would surely get cold from time to time.

What else is in store for you this year?

Some illustrations of birds for a book I'm writing and a portrait of a dog called Whittaker.

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